Saturday, 17 March 2012


I was TRYING to re-do Solars base the other night, I was never really happy with it - I managed to sneeze and launch Solar in his entirety across the room.

Of course, he can't really fly - and his landing was less than a 10.0 (by a long chalk) - resulting him being in such a state that he's had to be stripped and I'm starting again.

(thats a perfect example of everything at the moment again, one long turd)

HOWEVER, with my "injury" present on its way (THANKS LUMPY) I am in a fairly unique position, I can paint Light and Dark Solar so they complement each other - something I hadn't really thought of doing before.

Thinking, Thinking . . . . .


Lord Siwoc said...

So you are able to turn it into a good thing?

We all have some setbacks here and there but we still fight!

Doctor Warlock said...

LoL! Cheers Mate! My friend Chris calls me a Weeble (as in I don't stay down LoL)

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Damn, that must be gutting, watch ou the sneezing next time!

Doctor Warlock said...

I won't lie, I did shed a Tear - all my 'children' are very precious to me.