Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Golden Age Pulp City - The Red Baron

For a LOT of Pulp City Fans The Red Baron AE-WWII/Pulp City Crossover Promo Miniature is the Holy Grail of Pulp City collecting.

There are Six actually, the three different Grimm (which I am sure will come out at some point), the Herald. June Summers (again, I anticipate a version of her to be released at some point - hopefully the original sculpt as its lovely), and the Red Baron.

I'll be honest, not having any of them is irksome to me - luckily I have two of the Grimm. The Bag Lady and the Driller, just need the Hulk Grimm now.

I HOPE I can get the Herald, I had racked up some "promo" points for painted miniatures and web promo's as a member of the Pulp City Heralds, but the whole thing kinda fizzled out before all my points were verified (sob).

I would LOVE to get my hands on June (rarrr LoL), but again it depends on either how many are out there - and that someone might be willing to part with one OR she might get released properly.

Then there is the Red Baron - being a Golden Age Superhero nut anyway, this miniature really is my Holy Grail. But being on a limited income at the moment, and given the rarity of the piece the chances of me finding one (especially considering how many Pulp City fans want one) are slim at best.

So, as my friends on the Crooked Dice Forum know - what I can't get (or afford) I build.

Over the next few weeks I plan to make my own Red Baron - either sculpting from scratch, or heavily converting a miniature.

Now, ego aside - I know I could duplicate the Miniature almost exactly should I want to - but should I?

Firstly it kinda invalidates the original (to me at least) - and it's unfair on the original sculptors work. Secondly, its (technically) a form of pirating (however obscure the link LoL).

The other option is to create something new, a similar pose that LOOKS like the Baron. But an entirely new Sculpt/Conversion.

More thoughts later.

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