Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A LOT of Modern Comics simply Suck

Broad sweeping statement here - a LOT of modern Comics simply suck.

Disneys Marvel Entertainment buyout (lets face it) was on the cards for a while, and OK the Movies are great - but some of the more recent comics are pretty but lackluster (at best).

DC's "New 52" had me really excited (for about a nanosecond) till I saw some of the "changes" - FFS Superman in jeans and a cape! I can honestly say beyond some of the older Graphic Novels I can't see me buying any DC Comics again. They are shiney for the sake of it, and (for the most part out of the ones I have read) lack any strength and passion in the writing - it's almost as if the writers are going through the motions now.

Everyone knows I've never been a huge marvel fan (even though Stan Lee strikes me as a REALLY nice guy) - some of their business practices are irritating at best.

Poaching the name Daredevil and then copyrighting it - even though there was a Daredevil comic character already in existence (its why Death Defying Devil isn't called Daredevil anymore) - the original Daredevil debuted in Silver Streak #6 (September 1940), whereas Marvels Daredevil first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964).

The OTHER Marvel 'double deal' that sticks in my craw is the buyout of Malibu Comics.

The Ultraverse Titles were the first comics I had been excited about in YEARS - sales declined industry-wide in the mid-1990s, so (naturally) Malibu cancelled some of the slower-selling titles.

Although the company's assets were still seen as attractive enough continue publishing in its own right - the company was purchased by Marvel Comics in late 1994. Marvel openly admitted at the time (I still have my issues of Wizard) that they made the purchase to acquire Malibu's then groundbreaking in-house colouring studio, which was WAY better than ANY other Publishers at the time.

Despite Promises at the time that some titles WOULD continue - Marvel cancelled the entire Ultraverse line, only to briefly resurrect a handful of the more popular titles as well as a number of crossovers with Marvel characters.

Dynamite and Boom seem to be producing the only titles I am really enjoying anymore (even Dark Horse are dropping the ball with the Hellboy titles, both Hellboy and BPRD are very 'meh' at the moment) - in particular all the Project Superpowers Titles, Flash Gordon Zeitgeist, and Irredeemable.

At least I have something to read LoL!


Hendybadger said...

Have you check out Marvels lead up to thier new big event AvX?

Some of the best comics I have read in a while.
The sort of thing that makes you go 'NO!' or 'WHAT?'. Really gripping

Tomsche said...

I agree on the Marvel issues, and I am a huge Marvel fan as I just can`t get `into` other branches and publishers (prolly a left over from my first X comics about 25 years ago).

Apart from the Civil War series, which I thought was really, really great and the recent Alpha Flight mini series, it all was rather a bit bland the past two to five years.

Doctor Warlock said...

I have to admit, I've only glanced at a lot of recent Marvel titles - they just make me go 'meh' - theres nothing about them that makes me want to read them. The only really REALLY irritating thing about Dynamite Entertainments release schedule its so patchy! According to the guys at Dynamite we should see some new Project Superpowers this year - BUT WHEN LoL!