Sunday, 25 March 2012

My First Time!

Don't worry its nothing rude LoL!

I'm referring to my first time buying/reading Superhero Comics!

Mine was in May 1968, I had a CRAP Birthday (my Brother was, and still is, a Toad) and on the Sunday (the 26th) we went to see my Grandparents (like we always did).

There was a little newsagent that was open till lunchtime just around the corner. Because of my disappointment my Dad walked me round and told me I could pick whatever I wanted. 

He admitted later that he was expecting me to choose a Colouring Book and perhaps a Lucky Bag. 

But no, the Covers of the DC Comics were calling to me - finally, after some time deciding I picked - Batman #201, Flash #179, and Justice League of America #62 - I've still got the Batman issue, though its looking very tired and its cover is hanging off.

A BIG THANKS to my friend Brian Urso for stimulating this memory!

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