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Pulp City Golden Age Supremes

Something I've been posting about over at the Pulp City Forums is the idea of "Golden Age" Supremes.

I've been tinkering about with ideas for this for a long time,my "Notebook of Doom" is full of thoughts and scribblings for Supremes anyway; but (as anyone who knows me is aware) I have a particular fondness (if not out and out love) for 'Old School' Super Heroes.

We already know about the Red Baron - but what about other Heroes and Villains of the 'Golden Age'?

The Red Baron is a relic of WWI - somehow raised from the dead, he works with "The Axis of Terror" a group of Supremes hell-bent on the fall of democracy and the free world.

The Axis of Terror

Other Axis of Terror Members include -

"Reich-Star"- Heidi is a world class Olympic gymnast, and totally loyal to her Fuhrer. Accidentally exposed to a particle of dark matter which entered her body as part of micro-meteorite - enhancing here strength and agility, and giving her the ability to "fly" by negating the effects of gravity.

"Baron Sun"
- Powered by the solar magics of Atlantis, Baron Sun is a threat to the free-world and the scourge of democracy.

"The Aryan" - The Third Reichs very own Super Soldier, this '√úbermensch' was created as a direct response to Liberty Bill (see below) but the Nazi super-soldier process is flawed, and any Aryans life-span is considerably shorter than a normal Human beings would be. Still there is no shortage of volunteers, when one Aryan dies - another is more than ready to replace him.

The Alies sport a number of Heroes of their own - the most famous being Liberty Bill and the Liberty Legion and the Zoo Crew.

"Liberty Bill" - Benjamin Franklyn wrote an ancient American-Indian Formula on the back of the Declaration of Independence. This formula makes a 'potion' (for want of a better word) which, while it lasts, enhances an individuals strength, toughness, speed, and endurance. The first Liberty Bill helped the Yanks win the American Revolutionary War against the British. When Colin Bayley, a mild mannered scholar discovered the formula whilst cleaning the Declaration of Independence his life took on a whole new meaning - he fights against the Axis and for Honour, Democracy, and the American Way.

"The Zoo Crew" - The Ape Revolutionary Committee weren't the first intelligent Apes on the scene. The Zoo Crew were originally a group of convicted of felons under sentence of death. There only other option was to volunteer for "Project Z".

The intelligence of the Subject was transferred to a Primate body, along with his DNA pattern - which eventually established itself by over-writing some of the original Apes DNA sequences. This left an Ape of Human level intelligence (actually slightly higher in the case of Doctor Hominid), with human-like posture, and the ability to speak.

Much of the original "donors" personality was erased in the procedure, creating a combination personality based on that of the Apes and the Original Donors.

"The Zoo Crew" - specialized in raids and commando missions behind enemy lines, especially where secrecy and surprise (who wouldn't be surprised by an APE GI) was essential.

"Commando Chimp"
- Referred to only as "Boss" by other members of his team, Commando Chimp is in the leader of the Zoo Crew. Stalwart, dependable, and strong - Commando Chimp is a good 'man' to have at your side.

"Doctor Hominid"
- Often referred to as just "Doc", Hominid is Commando Chimps right-hand Gorilla and the Crew's Medical Officer too. That's not to say he's not useful in a fight, Doctor Hominid is a full grown male Gorilla and knows how to hold his own when the success of a mission is on the line.

"Demolition Derby" - Derby is an Orangutan, and the Crews demolitions expert - and a damn fine one too. What Derby doesn't know about explosives isn't worth knowing.

"Evie" (short for Evolution) - Is the only one of the Crew with a tangible power, as a Gibbon Evie is particularly nonthreatening to look at; but poses the biggest threat to an enemy. Evie can "de-volve" people to simpler life forms - he's not managed to devolve someone to a lesser state than a form of primitive Cave-Man, but Doctor Hominid believes its only a matter of time before he has mastered his power.

The surviving Zoo Crew disappeared shortly after the war, and were presumed captured by Soviet Scientists.

As Pulp Citizen pointed out over at the Forums, there are certain Supremes who were around during World War II  - Perun, Sovereign, Ace of Wraiths, Francis Gator.

Especially with Perun and Sovereign being "on the scene" I already have ideas forming for the Allies . . . . . 

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