Sunday, 29 April 2012

Avengers Assemble

I thought I would wait till I had watched the Avengers a couple of times before posting my thoughts on it.

The Avengers is an AMAZING Film - it easily matched and quite readily surpassed my expectations - it's exciting, sad, tense - and decidedly funny in places - whilst at the same time staying true to all the characters and their personalities.

I've been waiting for this Film since Samual Jackson's character first showed up at the end of the credits for the  first Iron Man Movie.

In my opinion, the Avengers is the BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE MADE TO DATE - bear in mind the gravity with which I write this. I am a HUGE DC Fan, yet this craps all over anything that's been put out for Batman or Superman.

Honestly, as good as a lot of the previous output has been from every studio (Marvel, DC, or whatever) - nothing else comes close to the Avengers.

If you haven't seen it - go see it - NOW!

Oh and Scarlet Yohansen with the Auburn Hair and Black Cat-Suit is the hottest girl in the Movies at the moment!

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