Wednesday, 4 April 2012

British Golden Age Supremes

I have been writing for Supremes during the Second World War, but I've pretty much ignored the British Supremes.

Obviously, Sovereign would have been around - but what about the other guys?

I've been thinking about British Heroes for the Golden Age for a while - 
Tom Thunder - Created during a Lightning Storm and infused with all the power of British Weather.
The Lion and Unicorn - A husband and Wife Team of British Super-Soldiers.
Stonehenge -A young Archeologist who developed the ability to wear the Magical rocks of Stonehenge like a suit of rocky-armour that imbues him with Super Toughness and Super Strength.

Beyond a rough draft of powers & origins (and notes as to what they look like) this is all I have so far - I think they are pretty cool though!

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