Sunday, 15 April 2012

Not a Lot to Report . . . . .

Not desperately successful Hobby-Wise (more hassles to sort out) - so a quiet night (apart from chatting to HendyBadger about Shadows over Pulp City and Miniatures Painting by Email).
I've ordered (well Linda did LoL) some new Brushes and Puttys - and some new Fenris Bases to try. 
A selection of "Tech" Bases for my "Not Blakes 7" Miniatures by Crooked Dice - and some City Streets Bases for Pulp City in general. 
I've only really used the Fenris "toppers" before, apart from when creating my own and molding them with Instant Mold - so I'm looking forward to the "change" really.

Hopefully do some bits tomorrow after doing Dads plumbing, ordering our new Cooker, and all the other chores/jobs. I really wanted to get cracking on Dr Mercury and the four Security Bots I have, but its not been happening the last few days at all.

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