Monday, 9 April 2012

A Reasonable Weekend

It's been a reasonable weekend actually -

Lindas Birthday Friday, she loved her presents.

Read Action Comics 1-8 thoroughly (and immensely enjoyed them too),glanced through a few others - the only one of the New 52 I'm not sure of is Animal Man (which would be a shame as I loved the character before).

I've cleaned up and undercoated some more Pulp City.

Spent the afternoon on Sunday with the Grandkids doing an Easter-Egg Hunt in their Garden.

I also managed to do a little more work on the Red Baron(s) - head and hat are sculpted, going to leave that part set for a few days then make a mold so I can produce two identical heads/hats.

Lastly, "Commander Positron" is ready to go! Finished, ready to be undercoated! I cheated a little, I had already done the bulk as a 'not' Flash Gordon. I've done two heads as well, and magnetized the neck so he can either be bare-headed or wear a Helmet!

Pictures Soon!

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