Sunday, 27 May 2012


Crimson Oni - NOW DONE! (my first of the new batch) - my "trying to paint as much as possible" is working quite well.

I'm still painfully slow, but things are getting done! I wanted Crimson Oni quite bronzed - as the red of his robes would bleach out skin tones for the viewer.

On the whole I am quite pleased!

Another soon (either Perun or Harrier I reckon)


Brummie said...

Looks awesome nice definition with the skin. Red is one of those colours I dislike painting at the moment as I hate highlighting it yours looks stunning though

Lord Siwoc said...

His skin has come out really well!!!!

Doctor Warlock said...

Thanks Guys - the skin was layering and washes, then more layering, and still more washes till I liked it. Initially I did him a standard flesh tone - but he looked incredibly pale with the red. I'm quite happy with Reds now - need to master Yellows next

pulpcitizen said...

Very nicely executed; nice crisp painting and colours. Excellent as ever. :)