Saturday, 5 January 2013

A "Monster" Post

2013 Rolls in, with big things coming for Pulp City - the Monster Rules are out, making the Pulp Monster Ultimate Set even more attractive to have in your Pulp City Collection.

I've assembled one (so far LoL) you can see him here "facing off" against my Pulp City Herald (my money's on the Herald, but Linda reckons "one stomp" and its all over) -

Coming up quite rapidly over the horizon we have the new edition of the Pulp City Rules - these rules promise to be faster playing and make it easier to manage your Supremes and their abilities. The new Card design is super sexy,

For those of you who can't wait, you can download a PDF of the current rules HERE!

All this and more, we are now promised more regular releases as well - so we can fulfill our "need" for a Pulp City Fix on a more regular basis!

More soon, same Pulp City Time - same Pulp City Channel!

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