Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another "Dead" Hero . . . . . .

Ok, Spiderman 700 - lets "re-cap" - The Amazing Spider-Man #700 marks the end of Marvel’s flagship series and the beginning of its replacement, "The Superior Spider-Man" - EVERYONE knows what the "crack" is here - so, just to warn you - spoilers coming, if you haven't read it – THEN READ NO FURTHER or you are going to be MIGHTILY pissed off!


 In Issue 700,we read that Doctor Otto Octavius had successfully 'swapped bodies' with Peter Parker with the mind of Octavius now being housed in the body of Spider-Man.
At the end of issue #700, Peter (inside Octavius's body) passes away, leaving Doc Ock in his body and a vow to become 'The Superior Spider-Man,' thus setting up the new Marvel comic series in February.

Fan reaction has been so strong, there has even been DEATH THREATS MADE – and, even though I find that a little extreme, I can understand (to a degree) why.

HOWEVER – the plot is actually nothing new, I rather enjoyed this (kinda) same story back in the '80s when it was called "Kraven's Last Hunt". It’s almost exactly the same – Kraven  "offs" Spider-Man and then dons his suit to prove he's a better Spidey! 

The only real difference being is that the villain (Kraven) was far more interesting, had a much less contrived motivation, and they didn't need to cancel the main Spiderman title – seriously, did they need to do this again?

Look Comic Book Writers – THERE IS NO FRACKING TENSION ANYMORE when and established character dies – it’s been done SO MANY TIMES it's a cliché now seriously!

The Hero "dies" – somehow gets replaced (Octavius “becoming” Spiderman, Spiderman replacing Johhny Storm etc, etc) then the “definitely dead” Hero turns up a year none the worse for wear.
These Hero Deaths are becoming so commonplace, most comic book fans treat them as a joke – I told a bunch of guys in forbidden planet that when Johnny Storm died, he would be back – seriously, I was slagged off and berated for that – I saw them recently, and by Nabu I could tell they felt dumb as mud

This whole debacle is a great example how completely unoriginal a lot of Modern Comic Books can be - there's no tension here, no stress, and no worries. 

I am pretty damn sure that Parker will be back and then the whole cycle will “rinse and repeat” with someone else.

“ Who hasn't died recently” – that thought keeps running through my mind – who’s next for the "long drop and a sudden stop" as it were! 

For me (at least) this is proof it really is the right time to make a return to good solid storytelling – Secret Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths, or 2000 AD's “The Cursed Earth” – something Epic, something cool.

Not boring, naff, and repetitive . . . . .

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