Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Agents of Anarchy

OK, over the next Month or Two (end of Feb is the plan) I'm going to paint my AoA "Agents of Anarchy"!

The Initial Plan is for a Level 8 Team - eight as in the 8-pointed star of Chaos (not the GW 'version' though, I'm thinking more Moorcock as Chaos can also be a force for good in his stories).

Riposte (Level 2)

Arquero (Level 1)

Foxy Blade (Level 1)

Virgo (Level 2)

Tritonious (Level 1)

and either 

Gentleman (Level 1) - but with Sniper Rifle, as I've already painted the regular one.


Herald  (Level 1)

If things "go well" the plan then is to paint my first Pulp Monster as well!!


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