Saturday, 1 March 2014


The Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter has been a HUGE Success, raising more than $105,000! ($105,456 to be precise)

Well done to the Pulp Monsters Team (Leon, Devon, and Maciej) on a FANTASTIC Campaign!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Push the Kickstarter!

19 Days to go with the Pulp City Kickstarter, and its looking very VERY healthy - but, let's see if we can recruit even more people shall we! I'm out and about tomorrow, and plan of talking to as many of my Gaming Buddies as I can "bump into" (that I haven't bugged already - I don't want to come across as too "naggy") and talk it up, if all of us interested do just that, and even only manage to get just one more person interested - thats a LOT of new Backers!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

First Pulp City Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!

First Pulp City Stretch Goal UNLOCKED!

Pulp City Kickstarter has reached it's initial Funding!

To Celebrate the Pulp City Kickstarter hitting it's initial Funding - A POEM!

When the Pulp City Kicksarter Arrived,
All the Fans felt like tiny Kids Inside,
They excitedly logged in and Pledged their Cash,
Whilst promoting the Kickstarter with Tag and Hash.

The excitement increased as they neared there Goal,
And each pledger Felt pride in playing his Role,
Till the Target was hit on the Very First Night,
And everyone Cheered as they fought the good Fight!

Pulp City "Supreme Edition" Kickstarter

The Pulp City "Supreme Edition" Kickstarter GOES LIVE TODAY! 

Pledge now and support the BEST Superhero Miniatures Game ON THE MARKET!